Side Printing

Acroprint 150 Acroprint ES700 Acroprint ES900
Acroprint Model 150 Time Clock | Heavy-Duty Punch ClockAcroprint ES700 Time Clock | Multifunction Time RecorderAcroprint ES900 Time Clock | Multifunction Time Recorder

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A heavy-duty time clock such as the Acroprint Model 150 can handle thousands of print registrations per day. These dependable workhorses are suitable for any size business in any environment.

Multi-function side printing time clock or time stamp. Battery backup, automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustments and automatic Date advance, adjustable print font size, internal LED light and more.

The full-featured ES900 time recorder can be used to support time and attendance, job costing, and document control and is designed for a professional office environment.




Amano PIX-200 Amano PIX-21 Amano PIX-25
Amano PIX-200Amano PIX-21Amano PIX-25 Atomic Time Recorder/Time and Date Stamp

An all-in-one electronic time recorder and date stamp designed to meet the typical needs and special requirements of contemporary business. The PIX-200 includes a wide variety of features.

Not Available Replaced by: Amano PIX-25

Automatically synchronizes to the NIST Atomic Clock via wireless radio signals and adjusts for Daylight Savings Time while providing the benefits of an economical payroll recorder and time and date stamp functionality.






Amano PIX-3000X Amano TCX-21 TCX-45 Time Clock
Amano PIX-3000XAmano TCX-21Amano TCX-45 Digital Time Clock

Not Available Replaced by: Amano PIX-200

An electronic cost and payroll recorder with analog clock... a heavy-duty, automatic side printer. (Model TCX- 22 offers full power battery operation.)

Not Available Replaced by: Amano PIX-25







Isgus TR-S5000
Isgus TR-S5000

The Anytime, Anywhere Time and Document Recorder. Features include: Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment, Short month and leap year accommodation, Perpetual calendar, Five-year memory chip...