7-2CN Lathem Mechanical Time Recorder Ribbon (Red/Blue)
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This durable ribbon is designed to work with many of Lathem's current (and retired) mechanical time clocks including the 2000, 3000, and 4000 series. The ribbon will also work in the 8000 series clocks, however the ribbon life will be slightly shorter.

The 7-2CN ribbon comes packaged in a sealed plastic inner-liner to prevent the ribbon drying out prior to opening and is made from heavy-duty nylon designed to stand up to the repeated impact of Lathem's mechanical time clock print mechanisms.

An important feature of the 7-2CN time clock ribbon is its reversing grommet which triggers the Lathem Ribbon Reversing Mechanism to extend the usable life of the ribbon. With this reversing grommet, the Lathem 7-2CN ribbon reverses when it reaches the end of the ribbon and reprints with the same ribbon until the print becomes too light.

Other Lathem time clock ribbon colors are available, please contact Atlantic Time Systems at 800-669-9590 for other options.
  • Item #: 7-2CN
  • Manufacturer: Lathem
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 7-2CN
  • Condition: New

Lathem Mechanical Time Recorder Ribbon - Red/Blue 7-2CN

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