E100 Time Cards
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These Lathem time cards, designed for Lathem's popular 900E, 1000E & 5000EP time recorders, will work in virtually any side printing time recorder from Lathem, as well as many other brands.
Lathem time clocks supported include the following;
  • 900E
  • 1000E
  • 5000E
  • 2000 Series (Mechanical recorders)
  • 4000 Series (Mechanical recorders)
Lathem T-Card Features
  • High quality 150 lb. white tag stock
  • Increased card width for easier insertion
  • In/Out indicators on outside edge for easier print alignment
  • Gross to net payroll deduction area
  • Employee signature line
  • 4" W x 9" H
  • Item #: E100
  • Manufacturer: Lathem
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: E100
  • Condition: New

E100 Time Cards (100 Pack)

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