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Complete time & attendance system with biometric terminal

Acroprint timeQplus Biometric is an affordable and complete time and attendance system, featuring an advanced fingerprint biometric terminal and flexible communications options for connecting the terminal to your PC or network.

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  • Versatile — Offers multiple communications options (RS232, RS485, Ethernet) for connecting the terminal to your PC. You can optimize your system setup to meet the needs of your company.

  • Expandable — The system accomodates 125 employees initially. You can upgrade the software to handle up to 250 employees and add more terminals as you require. This system can grow with your business.

  • Economical — No need to spend money on paper time cards or replacements for lost or damaged employee badges. Save time and eliminate clerical errors in payroll processing by exporting data directly to your payroll application or service provider.

  • Secure — Reliable biometric technology ensures that employees have to be present to punch in. No more costly buddy-punching.

Powerful and flexible time and attendance tracking

The complete timeQplus Biometric package includes a sleek TQ100 fingerprint biometric terminal with a power supply, a 30-foot RS232 cable, a six-foot Ethernet (network) cable, advanced Attendance Rx software, a Quick Start Guide, and user manuals for the terminal and the software.

Connect the terminal to your PC or network and it's everything you need to get started with simple, reliable biometric time and attendance tracking.

Please note: timeQplus Biometric requires Windows XP Professional, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (SP6a), Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows 2003 Server. The software will not work with the Windows 98SE or Windows XP Home operating systems.

This fingerprint clocking in machine will accommodate up to 125 employees. If you have a larger facility, the system can easily be expanded to include multiple terminals. The software can be upgraded to accomodate up to 250 employees. This means the timeQplus Biometric system can easily grow as your business grows!

Easy to set up

The Acroprint timeQplus Biometric system offers a variety of communications options for connecting one or more terminals to your PC or network.

diagram illustrating various communication options for configuring timeQplus Biometric terminals

Using the included software, you can assign each employee to one or more terminals and you can change terminal assignments at any time. It's easy! Enroll the employee's fingerprint once, and assign to as many terminals as you'd like. This means employees can clock in at one terminal and clock out at another — no more having to walk to the other end of the building just to clock in or out.

If you need further assistance with the Acroprint timeQplus Biometric, call us for answers to your questions and for additional information. Atlantic Time Systems also offers 30 days of free email or telephone support (with proof of purchase) to help you get started right, and convenient Software Support Programs to insure you keep running smoothly!

Easy to use

Employees can clock in easily with fingerprint only entry. No PIN numbers are required, but optional keypad entry offers an alternative. The LCD panel on the terminal confirms a successful punch and displays the employee's hours worked.

Each terminal can store up to 30,000 transactions. An internal battery ensures punches stored in the terminal are retained even in the event of a power outage. You schedule the software to automatically poll the terminals and retrieve the stored transactions.

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This product is designed for use in the United States and Canada. Call us to place an order or obtain more information.

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Acroprint timeQplus Biometric

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