Acroprint Ribbon: 125/150 Red/Blue
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Red and blue time clock ink ribbon for use with Model 125 and Model 150 time clocks equipped with left-print type wheels.

Left-Print is a RARE custom option for Acorprint Model 125 and Model 150 time clocks. Please check the following before ordering:

  • The Model Number should have an "L" in it.
  • The time clock imprint should start close to the left-hand edge of the time card.


Left --->| TU 12:45                              |<---Right

If none of the above applies, click here: Right-Print

  • Item #: 20-0106-000
  • Manufacturer: Acroprint
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 20-0106-000
  • Condition: New

Acroprint Ribbon: 125/150 Red/Blue (RARE - Left Print)

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