Acroprint ATR 120
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ATR120 Time Clock

Automatic Top Loading, Valued Priced Time Clock

ATR120 at a glance

  • Reliable — Internal battery back-up maintains correct time. With the optional NiCd battery pack, employees can punch in and out even when the power is out.

  • Accurate — Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments mean you never need to reset the clock.

  • Versatile — With selectable print formats and support for both weekly and bi-weekly payroll periods, the Acroprint ATR 120 prints time the way you want it.

  • Convenient — Two color printing allows you to quickly see early and late punches, reducing payroll errors and processing time, and making time cards edits quick and easy.

  • Useful — A built-in programmable buzzer notifies employees of stop and start times.

Convenient and accurate time and attendance tracking

The Acroprint ATR 120 supports both weekly and bi-weekly payroll periods and can be set to print "late in" and "early out" punches in red for easier card editing. Just insert the card in the top slot and the time clock will position the card, print the date and time, and eject the card.

This employee time clock machine has a built-in battery backup and automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments to help ensure the clock maintains the correct time. Add the available NiCd battery pack and your employees will be able to punch in and out (up to 200 punches) even when the power is out!

The Acroprint ATR 120 requires the use of ATR121 time cards and is designed to be used for time and attendance recording in a professional office environment.


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Contact your local dealer Atlantic Time Systems at 1-800-669-9590 or 1-856-692-9594 for more information.


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Acroprint ATR 120

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