44100-10M Time Cards for Pyramid 4000, 5000, 4000HD, & 5000HD
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44100-10M Time Cards for Pyramid 4000, 5000, 4000HD, & 5000HD Time Recorders (1000 Box)

Paper time cards designed to work specifically with the Pyramid model 4000, 5000, 4000HD, and 5000HD Auto Totaling Payroll Time Recorder Clocks.  Thick card stock construction that measures 3.5” W x 9” L.  30% post-consumer recycled content.  100 numbered cards per pack, 10 Packs per box (1000 cards total).

The cards is set to record the following:
Week Ending, Employee Name, Signature, Total Hours, Office Use Line, Date & Time, Total Payable Time, Rate, Amount, Earnings, Deductions and Balance.

  • Item #: 44100-10M
  • Manufacturer: Atlantic Time Systems
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 44100-10M
  • Condition: New

44100-10M Time Cards (1000 Box Pyramid)

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